The main event of Floorball in Brazil brought together the best players of the country at Campinas, São Paulo.

It was the first edition of the Brazilian Championship hosted in the city, which had the sport scene rocked by the presence of almost 80 athletes from 4 states (São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná). The fans attended and filled the stands to watch and vibrate with all the players live.

Seven teams ran the matches until the last seconds of each period. After an intense first round, the four best teams avanced to the semifinals and the winners get the spot for the gold medal’s match.

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The Hockstar team from Curitiba at state of Paraná won the competition for the second consecutive year with your combination of technical quality and speed. Team Arca spoted 2nd place and Paulistana the 3rd.

The 2018 Brazilian Floorball Championships had two top scorers: Kimmo “Zico” Pollari, Finnish, from Luzeiro team of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais and Carlos Eduardo, Brazilian, Hockstar’s player from Curitiba, Paraná. Both with 8 goals each. Luciano Neima, Brazilian, also player of Hockstar was considered the best goalkeeper of the competition and the Most Valuable Player was Daniel Hurinský, Slovak, from Invictus team of Campinas, São Paulo.

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General information:

2018 Brazilian Floorball Championship

Location: Renovatus School – Rua 24 de Maio, 731 – Vila Industrial – Campinas, São Paulo

Date and time: November 25th, 2018, Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Final Ranking

1st Hockstar (Curitiba/PR)

2nd Arca (São Paulo/SP)

3rd Paulistana (São Paulo/SP)

4th Luzeiro (Belo Horizonte/MG)

5th Invictus (Campinas/SP)

6th Madre Benedita (Rio de Janeiro/RJ)

7th VL Floorball (Campinas/SP)

Top Scorers: Kimmo Zico Pollari (Luzeiro) / Carlos Eduardo (Hockstar)

Best Goalkeeper: Luciano Neima (Hockstar)

MVP: Daniel Hurinský (Invictus)

Adriano Serafim, chairman of Brazilian Floorball Association says:

A new step for Floorball in Brazil was reached because it was the first time that Brazilian Championship was played out of São Paulo city. Campinas city has a great potential to develop the Floorball in schools, College and Clubs and had a significant increase of registered players. The support of Guilherme Freitas, director of the Associação Campineira de Floorball, was essential to organize the biggest Brazilial Floorball Championship already done.

The 2018 Brazilian Floorball Championship had 28 matches.

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